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Our range of Specialty Ingredients are specifically identified & selected with our experience in the Food, Pharma & Nutra Industry.

These are high quality ingredients from the world's finest producers, specifically selected for their functionality & application in end products.
Calcium Lactate Pentahydrate Citrus Fiber Cocoa Powder Fibersol
Hydroxy Ethyl Starch (HES)-Injectable Refined Corn Oil Refined Glycerin (IP/BP/USP) Vitamin E (Natural)
Xanthangum USP (Transparent Grade)

Calcium Lactate Pentahydrate

Calcium lactate pentahydrate is a white color powder which has a chemical formula C6H10O6Ca.5H2O and is also known as lactic acid and calcium salt pentahydrate. This calcium lactate pentahydrate is highly soluble in water and widely used as a raw material in different pharmaceutical industries.

Applications : Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical

Make : Global Calcium

Origin : Indian

Citrus Fiber

Ceamfibre is a natural fiber ingredient purified from citrus peel with high functional properties for a wide variety of applications.
Its great technological properties are due to a high water- and oil binding capacity and heat stability.The Ceamfibre has proved successful in improving cooking yield, drip loss control, reducing fat /solids content, maintaining form stability, preventing jelly formation and fat separation, improving texture of the end-product or replacing other gums and ingredients in the final food formulation.

Make : Cemasa (Spain)

Source : Food Origin

Grades Available : Pharma, Food & Nutraceutical

Citrus Fibres Application :
(a) Bakery based applications
● Cake
● Breads
● Muffins
● Gluten free bakery products
● Bakery jams and fruit preparations

Functions :
Ceamfibers aid in providing texture as well as helps in retaining the moisture of the product. It also helps in providing baking stability

(b) Culinary based applications
● Mayonnaise
● Sauces
● Ketchup
● Icecream

Functions :
Ceamfiber helps in increasing water binding capacity, increased viscosity and neutral flavor


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