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Pectin is an ingredient and a natural component of plants that is especially abundant in apples and citrus fruits. It is used to make medicine.
Pectin is one of the most versatile stabilizers available. Its gelling, thickening and stabilizing attributes makes it an essential additive in the production of many food products. Pectin has the image of a natural product and has acknowledged nutritional benefits.

Make : Ceamsa (Spain)

Source : Food Origin

Grades Available :Pharma, Food & Nutraceutical

Pectin Application :
Pectin is a complex non nutritive polysaccharide that is commercially extracted from citrus peels and possesses an excellent gelling and texturizing capabilities, combined with great flavour release. Pectin is widely used in the fruit processing industry, for confectionery applications, as well as is the preferred stabilizer in yoghurt drinks and acidified milk beverages.

(a) Fruit Preserves and Confectionery:
● Jams
● Pectin Jellies
● Marmalades
● Soft chew candies

Functions :
Pectin is used in preserves & confectionery to give a good gel structure, a clean bite and to confer a good flavour release.

Grades offered :
Ceampectin RS/ MRS/ SS

Products offered:
Ceampectin 150 USA-SAG; Ceampectin MRS 115 USA-SAG

(b) Beverages
● Yoghurt beverage
● Whey beverage
● Fruit juices

Functions :
Ceamsa's pectin is a preferred stabilizer for providing mouthfeel and excellent flavor release

Grades offered :
Ceampectin AM. Ceampectin VIS

Products offered:
Ceampectin AM 5130, Ceampectin VIS 4020

(c) Pharmaceutical Applications
● Syrups
● Ointments
● Laxatives
● Cough drops and Lozenges

Functions :
Pectin helps in fiber supplement, coating, viscosity improvement, controlled release of drugs

Grade offered:

Products offered:
Ceampectin 49002

(d) Cosmetics and Personal Care Applications
● Moisturizer
● Facial products
● Hair conditioners and hair styling products

Function :
Pectin is mainly used as a stabilizer, viscosity provider, gelling agent, texturizer, smoothness, flavor release.

Grade offered :

Products offered:
● Ceamgel 8505
● Ceamgel 90-170


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