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Carrageenan Gum

Carrageenan food is a general name for polysaccharides and is extracted from selected species of red seaweed. Carrageenan is a natural hydrocolloid with unique functionalities, which is ideal for food additives: they have a range of gelling and emulsifying properties.
There are basically three main types of commercial carrageenan that have been identified. These are known as KAPPA, IOTA and LAMBDA, which are idealized molecules.

Make : Ceamsa (Spain)

Source : Food Origin

Grades Available :Pharma, Food & Nutraceutical

Carrageenan Gum Application :
(a) Water & Fruit Based Applications
Carrageenan from Ceamsa is a vegetable gelling agent and is characterized by providing pleasant mouthfeel along with excellent flavor release similar in respects to gelatin. They provide shelf stable products with increased stability at varied temperatures.

​Carrageenan is widely used in water based products like:
● Water Dessert Jellies
● Cup Jellies
● Toy Jellies
● Clear Dessert Jellies
● Gummy Candies
● Marshmallow
● Bakery fillings/ Tart glazing

Functions :
● It works as a gelling agent, stabilizer, thickener, gelatin replacer in water desserts.

Grades offered:
● Ceamgel
● Ceambloom

Products offered:
Ceamgel 9576, Ceamgel 9603, Ceambloom3240, Ceambloom 3640, Ceambloom 3243, Ceambloom 90-976, Ceambloom 90-977

(b) Dairy Applications
Carrageenan from Ceamsa provides good stability and mouthfeel and have to be added as a suitable stabilizer during the industrial processing. These carrageenans help in optimizing stability performance, avoiding whey separation and precipitation of casein particles dairy products as well as extending the shelf life, and contributing to a nice smooth mouth feel of the final product.

Carrageenan is widely used in dairy products like:
● Icecream
● Pudding
● Flavored/ Chocolate Milk Drinks
● Milk Jelly
● Cheese analogues
● Custards
● Sports Drink

Functions :
It works as a Thickener, provides viscosity and mouthfeel, suspension aid, stabilization.

Grades offered:
Ceamlacta, Ceamgel

Products Offered:
Ceamlacta 90-265. Ceamlacta 2111, Ceamlacta 2555, Ceamlacta 2055, Ceamgel 9901, Ceamlacta 2170, Ceamlacta 2018, Ceamlacta 9750 (Rasmalai), Ceamlacta 90-436 (Kulfi)

(c) Cosmetic and Personal Care Applications:
Ceamsa has developed carrageenan specially for air freshener gels that is thermo reversible with high melting temperature. For toothpaste, Ceamsa has developed a carrageenan specially with thixotropic/shear thinning performance, and an ability to form a thermo reversible soft gel which provides excellent texture control and extrudability.

Carrageenan is widely used in cosmetic based products like:
● Air Freshener gels
● Toothpaste
● Moisturizer
● Facial products
● Hair conditioners and hair styling products

Functions :
Carrageenan is mainly used as a stabilizer, viscosity provider, progressive and controlled scent release, reduces syneresis, gelling agent, texturizer, smoothness, flavor release.

Grades offered:

Products offered
Ceamgel 8505, Ceamgel 90-170, Ceamgel 8840

Minimum Order Quantity
25 Kilogram


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